Disruptive Technology

As a proactive, responsible investor with global outreach, Al Jazira Investment Group and our strategic partners have established a keen interest in disruptive tech. Currently, such examples include:

  • Galileo Wheels
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
Automotive Tech

Our Automotive portfolio brings the biggest Motorsports tires retail in the country providing …

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Digital Innovation

We invest in disruptive technologies that allow businesses to realize efficiencies through change….

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Environmental Solutions

The environmental crisis has become a major global concern, that requires unusual efforts and…

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Fintech & Blockchain

Our focus is on investing sensibly in the world’s most disruptive yet value adding Blockchain projects …

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Health Care

Al Jazira strongly believes health is the single most important factor for community wellbeing….

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Quick Service Restaurants

Al Jazira group owns McDonald’s fast-food chains across UAE and South Africa…

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Security Solutions

Physical security is a must have to secure facility continues to be improved against the new threats…

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Supply Chain Management

Our investment focuses on aiding clients/companies with their logistics source planning…

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